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Bowl of Jasmine - Thai Jasmine Rice, 1 kg

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Thai Jasmine Rice : Named after the fragrant jasmine flower, Bowl of Jasmine Jasmine Rice is long-grain rice valued for its delicate floral aroma and silky, soft texture. Thai Jasmine Rice or Thai Hom Mali as its known in Thailand, features a delicious nutty taste that perfectly complements the traditional flavours of Thai and other South-East Asian cuisine. White jasmine rice is a rich source of energy, low in fat and ideal for those looking for a naturally gluten-free staple. Pairings: Bowl of Jasmine Jasmine Rice serves as a comforting side for a whole host of dishes. Jasmine Rice pairs particularly well with seafood and coconut both hallmarks of traditional Thai cuisine. Enjoy a bowl of fluffy, fragrant white jasmine rice with a tangy Panag Prawn Curry, or a robust Massaman Lamb Curry. Jasmine Rice also finds its place in sweet treats like the Thai-inspired coconut and mango rice pudding.