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FOR8 Aromatic Black Rice - Forbidden Rice - 900g

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Breaking the myth – extremely easy to cook but due to lack of awareness, Black Rice is usually assigned into the ‘harder cooking category’. We have simplified the process and hope to bring this recipe to as many foodies possible. 30 minutes to good health and cooking FOR8 Black Rice ! Rinse - Cook – Munch Rinse your Black Rice well with clean water 2-3 times. For 1 cup black rice add 3 cups water. Cook in pressure cooker on medium flame. After first whistle, reduce flame to low and let it cook for 15 minutes more. (total cooking time approx 30 mins). Remove from heat and let it cool. Add coconut milk/ milk and enjoy with fresh fruits for your everyday Healthy Breakfast. You can also simply top it with your favourite greens for Buddha Bowl. It tastes wonderful for celebrations as kheer/pudding too! Invest your time in your health – The extra 15 minutes spent in cooking this Black Rice will heal your body. At FOR8 we grow the most organic black rice with highest antioxidants, and to ensure they all reach you in the best form – we keep our rice unpolished. Polishing would remove the black natural pigment of this rice and all the health benefits too, making the cooking time definitely shorter but not so healthy anymore! FOR8 Black Rice is grown and harvested by Farmers in North East India. Completely free from preservatives and non GMO product. We grow both Poireiton and Amubi varieties of Black Rice - trust us, they are the yummiest and healthiest ! High in Antioxidants and dietary fibre, this SUPERFOOD has amazing health benefits and helps in WEIGHT LOSS. For recipes visit www.for8.in. Know more about our food journey on instagram @for8superfoods