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Grow Fit Ultra Low Carb Flour (1) | Keto Friendly | Packed With Vitamins | Sugar Control

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Who is it for? Looking to lose weight or keep your sugar levels in control? This is the ideal atta for you! Why should I buy it? Grow Fitís Ultra Low Carb Roti Flour helps you feel fuller for longer and reduces the urge to snack. As part of a low carb or keto diet, rotis from this flour inhibit fat-storage and reduce insulin spikes when compared to normal roti. This atta improves gut health through the addition of probiotics. It helps you manage weight, aids in blood sugar management and is in. It is also anti-inflammatory. It is a great source of omega- 3 and iron. A low-carb diet can help increase your metabolic flexibility and help you lose weight Trying to follow a healthy lifestyle? Need low-carbohydrate choices for your keto diet? Grow Fitís Ultra Low carb flour is meant to fit your diet plan. This is the ideal choice for anyone who is trying to control their regular carbohydrate intake for different fitness and health goals. Make the switch! Grow Fit promotes healthy living, and in an endeavor to promote the same, we have introduced this revolutionary product. Our low carb flour is a great replacement for regular wheat and multigrain varieties available in the market. Like most products on our website, this one is based on scientific nutrition, and we strongly believe that it can improve the lives of millions who are struggling with their fitness concerns. Despite its culinary variety, India is known for its share of diabetic population, and we have formulated this flour keeping their needs in mind. A standard Indian meal usually contains more carbohydrates than required, which is confidently not helping people who are dealing with some of the common lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, PCOD and obesity. Know your numbers! A 100g serving of this product contains just 430 kcals, with protein content of 29 g, fat content of 24 g and carb content of just 35g, including 18g of fiber.