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Floraware Refrigerator Storage Rack Set, Set of 2

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rating 205
For refrigerator the refrigerator organizer with lid is a great assistant for your fridge or freezer, organizing your items so as eggs, drinks, spices, canned food, butter,jams,cream cheese, fruits, mask, medicines, just clip the refrigerator trays to the layers, making good use of the space, you will find that your fridge's capacity is bigger to contain more. For living room the bins can not only be used as fridge bins or kitchen bins, but also great for living room, using the big clip to attach to the table or desk, then you can put your remote control, pens, booklets, toys or cell phone into it. For bathroom you can clip the container bins to glass table or shelves to put your toothbrush, toothpaste, shaver, comb, hair band and some other little items. Keep all things in order, what a nice home