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Tosaa Home Appliances Copper Handi 4-piece Set Cookware

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Perfect Copper Handi Set for Everyday Use Whether you want to cook a delicious serving of your favourite sabzi or heat leftover curries from the previous day, the 4-piece copper handi set from Sai Home Appliances is the ideal solution for a wide variety of cooking requirements. Available in a set of four handis featuring capacities of 650ml, 1000ml, 1400ml, and 1900ml, respectively, you can use this cookware set can be used for a multitude of purposes with equal ease. Stunning Design with Durable Body With a mirror polish steel finish and an extremely sturdy body, the Sai Home Appliances copper handi set adds to the overall décor of your kitchen space. Featuring a stainless steel body and a thick gauge copper base at the bottom, this handi set is the perfect combination of style and substance. The unique design of these handis ensures even distribution of heat, thus avoiding burning of food and providing a more fuel-efficient solution for your cooking needs. Along with being perfect utensils for cooking food, it can also be used to serve your meals in a stylish manner. Easy to Clean and Maintain Thanks to the durable material used in the 4-piece copper handi set from Sai Home Appliances, washing and maintaining it is a relatively easy task. Simply use a mild soap detergent and keep it looking new for a long time even with regular use.