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Tosaa Non Stick 7 Cavity Appam Patra with Lid, 17cm

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For the best Uniyappams and Paniyarams: Crafted in good quality heavy gauge aluminium, Tosaa Non-stick 7 cavity appam patra is an exclusive vessel made for making Unniyappams, a popular snack from the state of Kerala. Unniyappams are made out of powdered rice, jaggery and grated coconut. The batter is poured into the oiled cavities of the appa patra and fried until golden brown. Some people even add small bits of banana to the batter for extra taste. These vessels are also used for the preparation of yet another delicacy, Paniyaram or Kuzhi paniyaram from the state of Tamil Nadu. Paniyarams use a batter of grinded black lentils and rice and is similar to that of dosa and idli. Chillies, ginger and shallots are also added to this for the extra zing. There is a sweet version to this with added milk and sugar. The preparation is same as that of Unniyappam.