About Makeadeal.in

Makeadeal.in is an e-commerce portal of Nihar Info Global Ltd company, a BSE listed e-commerce company founded in 1995 with the goal of creating the customer centric company and best online shopping research and discovery destination.Makeadeal.in is a price comparison portal which enables you in finding the best price, as well as the deals and offers from all major e-commerce portals in India. We ensure Purchase Protection for your shopping done on with us,so that you can benefit from a safe and secure online ordering experience, convenient payment options such as cash on delivery and enjoy a good shopping experience.

Today, more than lakhs of users across India make use of the service on a monthly basis to make their shopping decisions easier. Be in contact for regular updates on various products with us on Twitter and Facebook to get to know the latest Details.

Ecommerce Portals:

Nihar Info Global Ltd. has also launched a set of eCommerce Portals catering to various segments as described below and they form part of our B2B Ecommerce portal i.e.., www.NihareCenter.com

  • ITDukaan.in - An Online eCommerce Portal for Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops.
  • GoldnSilver.in - An Online eCommerce Portal for Gold and Silver Items.
  • BanyanStore.com - An Online B2B eCommerce Portal.

Listing Details:

  • Listed on Bombay Stock Exchange, Mumbai.
  • Code Name: NIHAR INFO and Scrip Code: 531083
  • Nihar Info Shares traded actively under Category B.